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Originally Posted by Ringil View Post
Dang, I thought the reset for each heroine format would have worked out better (especially considering the long lengths of time in the Kud's route!), but it seems like an omnibus format.
Oh I definitely agree because it's the subtle changes in the common route each time that I think lead to Refrain being so emotionally meaningful (like seeing Rin gradually open up more and more to her new friends). Certainly, an endless 8 style adaptation is utterly impracticable. Now, perhaps they can show Rin and Riki's growth in other ways... I have doubts now.

As far as starting off with Komari, I think her route was, at best, average. Four episodes in is not enough time to bond with the cast (since, I presume, the rest of the common route will be animated afterwards). Only way I can see this being salvaged is if Rin has a co-crucial role in a rewritten Komari route. Otherwise, it's going to come across as Riki helping a succession of girls with their problems when the main theme is it's really them helping him and Rin.
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