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I don't mind Komari's route kicking in in episode 4 but I am hoping that her route is not 3 episodes. I do not want to see Refrain animated until fall 2013-early 2014.

I just hope that Rin does another mission to recruit baseball members in the next episode since we may be able to see Mio (and hear her new voice)

Here's a bit of speculation for the next the next few plot lines:
Komari's route > Introduce Kud and Mio (but hopefully by the 1st 2 episodes of Komari's route) > Finish common route + baseball > Haruka's route > exams kick in and Kud's route > Reset

If Komari's route is indeed 3 episodes, I hope that Rin1 is animated... just to ensure that Refrain is not happening this season

Common route: at least 5 episodes
Character routes: at least 3 episodes (x 6 characters) = 18

Total: 23 episodes.

Actually on second thought, Refrain might get its own season ;__;

Although the routes may be rushed, I'll be ok if Komari's route is only 3 episodes. As long as Haruka's (longest) and Rin's episodes are at least 4 episodes, I think I won't be upset with the pacing.
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