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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
...What he's good at, right?
Yes. Naruto can use his clones to master any jutsu. Naruto is, almost literally, a walking version of the Infinite monkey theorem (thankfully, Naruto is not a true random number generator since he is not mindless, and with set goals he can accomplish tasks even if he is stupid or lacks aptitude). He can accomplish anything because he is near limitless in terms of power and potential mental capacity (Naruto has a finite amount of ideas his brain or his cloned brains can handle, but you seemingly only have to have a modicum of intelligence to learn any jutsu, so it stands to reason that Naruto would be able to think through any problem he encounters if only due to the bouncing of ideas and endless testing that the clones can oversee).

You don't need to be a genius to do something intelligent, you just need nine hundred and ninety-nine failures and one success. Trial and Error is the simplest yet most universally applicable method of learning and Naruto just happens to be a master of the process (or at least a potential master).

edit: Not that Naruto will ever actually live up to his potential. As Hunter says, Naruto just needs to "do it".

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