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Originally Posted by yogotah View Post
But now everything has changed, he's not the same person as he was back then. I don't think it would be a wise idea for him to go "goodie goodie" again, he's past that stage with all the anguish that he has caused throughout the years. I mean it's because of him that Naruto's father died. I just don't see him converting but what I could see is, at the point of his defeat, realize that Naruto was right, and have a near death revelation and convert right before his death.

If that's what you had in mind, then that seems more plausible to me...though still not what I would want to see.
Of course he won't live, similarly to Nagato, he dies by sacrificing himself, i know it's "lame" but it works with the audience, so it's often used. Actually i always liked the idea, when someone like him is defeated and realizes his failure, then he has to rethink his life, to realize he was wrong. Otherwise he would just die like an idiot, and some characters deserve more than that. Sure some like Hidan or Kakuzu die like idiots, but they were never important characters. But here there's more to it, we have Kakashi who always believed in Obito, and i think that Kishimoto will restore this belief in the very end, if Obito sacrifices his life at the last moment to save the good guys from Madara. Then we can have all the emotional stuff that Kishimoto likes to put in, like a nice good bye with Kakashi, possibly Obito meeting Rin in the afterlife (like when Kakashi meets his father). Now there's even a chance of Obito meeting with Minato. And also by having not only a battle of ninjutsu between Obito and Naruto but also a battle of will, we can have the hero's will prevail again. Naruto and Obito have already begun a conversation, we already see Obito acting irrationally, that is he is trying to teach a lesson to Naruto, to show him that he is right even if he risks his plan. There are moments when it's made very clear, for example when he sees Naruto pushing Kakashi out of the blast then he remembers his young self pushing Kakashi away while a rock falls on him. And if Kishimoto wants to really go over the top with this emotional stuff he could even let Orochimaru summon Rin with Edo Tensei, since it was already suggested that Orochi possibly discovered Tobi's real identity, and then Rin could be a good emotional weapon against Obito. But of course the latter is very unrealistic, even if it could be popular with fans of Team-Minato of the Kakashi gaiden (also it was never explained how Rin died, and having it explained by her seems better than kakashi).
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