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Yeah so you can learn how it works, but eventually you reach the cap of how skilled you can get at something. There are people who spend their whole lives practicing a particular type of sport, but never achieve olympic level.
That's true but there is no indication that Naruto isn't a THE top dog of the series. If anything part 2 has shown us that there really isn't anything Naruto can't do.
Why was he able to go sage mode better than Jiraiya? Just because. Why is his tailed beast mode better than B's? Just because. Why is he able to do a chakra bomb while not in full kyuubi mode? Just because.
If you aren't getting the picture, Naruto's massive power ups really have no explanation other than natural talent. This is even justified in his lineage, son of a lost, legendary clan and Minato, the prodigy badass normal. Who else alive has a better pedigree than Naruto? Kishi basically is knocking us over the head with how special Naruto is.
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