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Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
God, those people are damned moron, idiots and imbeciles. Sacrificing a person for such a belief?

I would have buy it if they used a person's corps to fertilize a field to increase its fertility.

I wished them dead, stupid old man, they're so wise that they don't know what is sanilty anymore.!!!!

*Sorry for my wordings.. its pointless, sacrifices hah!!!
It's been 60 years...don't worry they are most likely deader than dead by now xD

Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
In the end, curiosity got the better of me.

Everything went as expected. And no rape, which was a relief... somewhat.
The second Teiichi said he could feel everything she could I instantly knew that there wouldn't be any rape involved.

Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Now, just a medical perspective, a young fit girl should not break a long bone, or 2, by falling down a flight of stairs. But Yuuko broke both tibia AND fibula, indicating that she had disease in one of those bones.

Back then, consumption was a silent killer, but some virulent strains can run amok and kill very quickly. Taking that together with her strange fracture from a low-impact injury...
It really all depends on the way you fall. A person can easily break an arm from simply tripping and falling on the ground the wrong way. I've seen free-runners get absurd injuries from small falls and others get no injuries from long falls.

Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post

Yuuko's murderer has been revealed! It was TUBERCULOSIS!!
OR...the guys that threw her into the basement and locked her there...just saying.
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