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Looks interesting gameplay-wise, but I need to know who's behind the script first. Hopefully it'll be Tetsuya Takahashi himself and without Yuichiro Takeda's interference this time, and hopefully he'll step up his game from Xenoblade's cookie cutter storyline and bring back the ambitious scope of his former works. Doubtful, though, given his most recent interviews.

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So Xenoblade and this are confirmed to be part of the Xenogears/Xenosaga universe? I heard the speculation, but never any confirmation.
Xenosaga was basically a reboot of the Xenogears universe. But while Xenogears covered Episode V of said universe's history (revealed in the ending of the game), Xenosaga covered Episode I and II (yes, not III, according to the original plan). So they're definitely spiritually connected and possess a lot of the same motifs, themes, plot points and even characters.

Xenoblade, however, had absolutely nothing to do with the other two. It was a complete departure from the style, tone, priorities, themes and artistic aspirations of Gears and Saga and should never be mentioned in the same breath as those two. Really, the Xeno prefix was just fanservice/a marketing ploy, as its real name is "Monado", as it was originally released in Japan.
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