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Sarutobi. Yondaime second, Itachi third, Jiraiya fourth. The rest aren't even worth mentioning.

Sarutobi was clearly stronger than both Shodaime and Nidaime, COMBINED. Even after defeating both of them, Sarutobi still had enough strength to go on and make Orochimaru look like a fool. And he wasn't even in his prime; he was an old man, who should have been retired if only Yondaime hadn't died. Which brings up my next point: the village had Sarutobi serve as Hokage once again after Yondaime's death instead of choosing a new Hokage, despite Sarutobi's advanced age.

Yondaime, Itachi, and Jiraiya could also possibly be first as well, but the fact is we don't know enough about Yondaime other than during the last Great Ninja War the other villages had a "retreat on sight" order if they encountered him. Itachi had his disease, which kinda counts against him because he more-or-less died from it in the middle of battle. And while Jiraiya was arguably martially stronger than Sarutobi, he didn't have the same leadership skills that Sarutobi showed us. After all, a sense for diplomacy is a very rare trait in a shinobi.
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