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Good episode... So I guess Shun is alive..? Pretty confused at that part actually, why is he running away? If that is actually him, why isn't there some psychedelic barrier going on around him due to his condition? They left it a little too ambiguous to understand, lol...

Looks like Kiroumaru will be in on some kind of betrayal after all judging by Inui's comments and the previews. I wonder just what he'll do. I assume his original venture into these caves was to retrieve the bio weapon for himself, so I guess he'll try to steal it? If he is going to betray them, though, isn't he kind of helpless in a head on conflict against the psy-users? It showed him standing directly in front of Saki in the preview.

One wonders how the cantus users came to dominate the world when they're so vulnerable to all of these monsters who, while scary, are probably less deadly than any modern weaponry by a long shot.
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