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Saki has been so useless lately. She's almost acting like a damsel in distress now. Before, I could understand what Tomiko saw in her but lately I've been under the impression she made a grave mistake by picking her as her replacement. Unless I'm remembering wrong, she used to be portrayed as smarter, pragmatic and more pro-active. What happened?

Inui is dead. That's a big loss. He was a very cool and competent guy. He was apparently the one only among the three who suspected Kiroumaru's got a secret agenda, and I'm afraid he was right. Kiroumaru is way too suspicious.

The final scene was beautiful. Saki running in that desolate scenery, remembering Shun bit and bit, and finally yelling his name after he turns around and she sees his face for the first time in 12 years. Wonderful.

Spoiler for Preview:
Rize and Kaneki
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