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Umineko isn't a story I felt like I've fully managed to understand the scope of. I've read the visual novel twice, and while I do understand who the culprit is, why the murders were done, I can't say how. I'm no good at making theories or arguing against red/blue truth, and I want to believe in the fantasy side of things. I know it's a mystery, but it's much more comfortable for me to take it as fantasy anyway. I felt personally attacked in EP8, since I was definitely in the same position as some of the goats.

But, Umineko is an important story to me and it became a large part of who I am. I can't imagine my life without having read it. A lot of the characters have become like friends to me, and I fully want to believe in the miracle of magic, even if it's ridiculous. I love this visual novel so much, and the ending is glorious in ways I can't even describe. Many tears were shed. Hah.
It's not ridiculous! There's a very good reason why you can believe in the magic.

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