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The director is directing and the Series Composer is writing? Those are pretty standard credits. Usually a big name guy like Kawamori (or Takahashi, Tomino, etc) take on the overseer roles in their projects while letting other people do the actual directing and writing.
"Usually"? I guess having both a chief director and a director happens occasionally, but its the first time I've seen Kawamori be a "chief director" while someone else is "director" (and AFAIK Takahashi and Tomino, when they are chief director for a show, would never actually have a "director" under them (for Tomino, most of the time there aren't any "series composers" either)... Maybe some "unit directors", but that's a whole different matter).

As far as having both "Story Composition" and "Series Composition" in the same show, nope, never seen that before either. Though Kawamori's probably main man in charge of plot while the Yoshino's manager of the episode scripts.
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