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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Wow. So one slap proves mistreatment on par with (or even greater than!) several years of severe physical and verbal abuse.

Nobody is saying that Kanata had it easy, but don't you think it's a bit presumptive to assume that Kanata was abused exactly as much as Haruka was?
The slap is only a hint that can be combined with other elements, such as Kanata's comment (even the "you should just die" that she never used to anyone else so far, even towards Haruka).
Also, Kud's reaction is a certain hint. Please be aware that Kud was shocked by what she'd -seen- considering the presentation of the scene.
Might be abused?! What is with the "might" part? It's very clear that Haruka was severely abused. There's no "might" about it.
Kitten's use of might doesn't mean "the abuse is unsure". The meaning implies "even though she was abused, she had freedom on the other hand".
Not the first time I see "might" used as a way to admit a fact, but present another alongside.
Why are people on this thread now trying to downplay the abuse Haruka received and/or exaggerate the abuse Kanata received?
That's exactly because you only have Haruka point of view that you need to have the broad perspective.
Haruka was abused, but so far she is not afflicted by anything, is sitll physically healthy and does manage to go to school. In fact, it is implied by her speech that ever since she is at school, she is no longer gnawed by the abuse of the family, save the spy they have sent so they keep her in check (which is probably the reason why they decided to "teach her a lesson" with the flyers).

But what do you know about Kanata so far? Nothing, except that she was initially harassed by Haruka so the family would criticize her. And for a mere suggestion of "this has been gone too far", she was slapped hard. So anything further would probably lead to harsher punishment, despite being the "heir".
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