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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
1) in this episode, Haruka herself stated she was no longer subject to abuse when she went to that school.
See, but this just raises two more questions.

For one, wouldn't that mean that when Haruka's acting out, Kanata is the only one that the family can punish for it? Why allow the Unfavorite to have so much freedom? Leading into the question that really bothers me:

Why would the family try to hurt her with the posters? If they were trying to punish her, couldn't they just stop paying for her schooling and residence, forcing her either back under their roof where she can't embarrass them, or else send her somewhere far away? I assume they're still her legal guardians, even if she's physically out of their reach now that she lives in residence, and isn't being groomed as the heiress.
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