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Originally Posted by bumbayker View Post
I'm not too keen on the retaining the name Starblazers. I watched it when I was a kid in the 80s and loved the series. But honestly unless you were around during that time you probably won't remember the name. Not to mention it sounds really tacky IMO. The rebranding was merely a localization move to market US children at the time. Now with access to the internet, information on the franchise and series is easily available. I beleive anime fans today are more familiar with the name Yamato than Starblazers.
This kinds of remakes show up like clockwork. Pick a popular kids show, add 20/30 years after the original running and remake it. Presto: instant cash-in on nostalgia with all those kids now grown up with pockets filled with disposable income to throw at anything that reminds them of the "good ol' days".

It's the simplest recipe in the entertainment business and if you're lucky you end up snatching up another generation of fans to do it all over again 20/30 years down the line.
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