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Bumbaker, STAR BLAZERS wasn't "heavily edited" for the "kids in the 80s"; in fact, it was the least edited or altered Japanese import of the time (which was the late '70s), in comparison to other series including BATTLE OF THE PLANETS, CAPTAIN HARLOCK (both the Ziv and Harmony Gold versions), ROBOTECH, TRANZOR Z, et. al. — and it was that faithfulness to the original, which garnered so much attention and helped to launch the first wave of organized Anime Fandom in the US, which the others (sans ROBOTECH) never did — with most fading into obscurity.

With that being said, 34 years later, I don't see anyone wanting to modify the series beyond the title — there's too much English text in YAMATO: 2199 for anyone to start calling the ship, Argo, or anything like that. In fact, I would assume that the only change would be the title, and perhaps the main characters, using their SB equivalents (although we're way past being able to use names like "Derek Wildstar"). At the same time, I don't think that they'll start editing out violence or death, or using "Robot Tanks," because the market they will be aiming for by using the SB brand, would be the 30-50 nostalgia demographic.
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