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The 1/72 "Cosmo Falcon" plastic model kit is coming from Bandai, available in both "Kato" and "Shinohara" versions! These will measure around 9" and will hit store shelves this July and September, respectively (MSRP 2940 Yen)!

1/1000 "Garmillas Astro Fleet Set 3" plastic model kit containing the Meltoria Class Astro Battleship (measuring approximately 12'') and the UX-01 Dimensional Submarine (approximately 6") will be released by Bandai this October (MSRP TBA)!

1/1000 "Zellgutto Class Astro Dreadnaught Domelus III" plastic model kit is on the docket from Bandai and will measure a whopping 28"! This can also be built to represent General Zoellick's "Zellgutto II" or Lord Dessler's "Deusler I"! Release date and MSRP are TBA! Can the Gyperon Class Astro Carriers be far behind?

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