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Vampire Assassin

Log Horizon Character
Name: Tsukino Shun (moon field fast/talented)
Age: 21
Race: Elf
Class: Assassin
Subclass: Vampire
Level: 48
HP: 3951
MP: 3951
Role: Controller
Shadow Armour - allows the use of Stealth and Silent Move skills
Shadow Shortsword - +10% attack speed if behind the enemy
Vampire's Ring - allows an automatic block of 5% for each enemy attack which heals the wearer half of the damage it absorbs
Crossbow - 415-436 damage
Guild: Blood Council
Skills: Assassinate, Sap, Drain, Paralyze, Flit, Flurry, Knife Throw, Vampire Slam, Vampire Grip, Power Blast
He was originally a student of archaeology and psychology at Tokyo University, and had heard of Elder Tale before, but had refused to spend money on the game, with its reportedly clunky controls and dodgy rumours surrounding the makers. However, the Pioneers of the Novasphere update was too attractive for him to ignore. He enrolled in the beta and trained as hard as he could to be able to survive in the finished product. On the day of full release, he made sure that he was the first to log in, but was completely unprepared for being dragged in to the game. Without wasting any time, he traveled to his favourite dungeon and got used to the way of fighting with his own body.
As a result, he is now the most well adapted player in the game. He quickly formed a guild called the Blood Council as a way to govern and guide the less experienced players. New guilds started to appear, and some of those chose the title of council as well, forming the so-called 'Government Sector', with the Blood Council, the High Council and the Black Council being known as the 'Big Three'

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