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Originally Posted by WhiteJoker View Post
I wouldn't go with 3 weeks largely because travel time is substantially greater then in game and until the conclusion of the current anime arc happens questing for experience would be limited to grinding and in most MMOs you get far more exp for questing than for grinding (which could be another contributing factor to the slow progression of the battle guilds). Taking current MMOs, assuming that the level progression is the easier linear format, grinding by just killing mobs to get to the next level would take me an average of two to four hours depending on how quickly I'd get bored. Magnify that by the need to actually fight each battle instead of just clicking a few buttons, along with travel time, along with the mental strain being substantially greater, and I wouldn't be surprised if in game grinding time is magnified two or three fold. By contrast, if I had a series of quest lines to follow, it'd take an hour for a level if I was playing legitimately, and if I had a friend along who'd just keep me topped up so I'd never need to rest, and applied end game buffs so I could deal three times my normal damage, I could get a level every 20-30 minutes if I was rushing. The numbers wouldn't be as dramatic with an exponential progression but it would still be extremely noticeable.
The authors experience seems to be mostly based on the old type of MMO's, where leveling through grinding was the main way to level. Given that the players are doing just that: Leveling through grinding, it stands to reason that this is the same in Elder Tale.

Really, Elder Tale as a whole seems to be more akin to the old type of MMO's. XP loss upon death, items drop on death, skill leveling requires raiding, even mobs many levels below you are a potential threat, soloing is only feasible for skilled players, all stuff that you don't really see much in modern day MMO's. Not surprising I suppose, given that this is a 20 year old game and all...

Anyway, Touhya and Minori have been training like crazy for a full month in just this episode alone, and yet they haven't dinged to cap at all. So leveling takes a long time, even for the lower levels.

Spoilery stuff might provide a few more handles for how long it might take to level:

Spoiler for novel spoilers:

Originally Posted by Masuzu View Post
One of the things I wanted to show were that the rules have changed. Before the <<Disaster>>, your numerical stats were your absolute limit. Fighting with your body adds a whole new dimension.

I made <<Shirayukihime>> level 1 on purpose to show the new meta-game: your own sword skills and the help of your friends.
Numbers also still matter a ton. Sure, you might be a master swordman who could dance circles around an amateur, but if your weapon only does 1HP damage per blow due to your opponents superior stats, you're still at a huge disadvantage. We must also remember to add to this that players gain automatic skill with their weapons, so this gap isn't nearly as large as it would be in the real world.

I see what you're trying to do, but this isn't SAO. Having Shirayukihime kill higher leveled players or raid bosses purely because of real life sword skills kind of clashes with the setting. In Log Horizon, your level, stats and the skill of choosing the timing of which ability to use when matter more than your real life sword skills. While real-life sword skills would certainly help, I wouldn't call them an advantage so huge you can ignore levels.

The teamwork part still works though (Shiroe wouldn't exist if not for that after all), so I'd say focus on that instead.
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