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Yes, FPB, thank you. The discussion was over whether there were any problems with the use of the bunnysuit in a show due to trademark concerns (I actually hate the phrase "intellectual property rights".... its just some shit-ake phrase made up by corporate yahoos trying to warp the original purpose of copyright, trademark, and such). The bunny costume is registered as a trademark by Playboy... but its a PARTICULAR cut and detail of suit and, in addition, it would have to be used in a manner that dilutes the trademark. Since the girls are clearly engaging in cosplay --- and having watched Playboy in legal action over the last three decades, I don't think they'd have the least problem with what goes on in SHnY. Hell, they're more likely to borrow a snapshot of Haruhi for an article on the impact of anime in America

After spending a fair amount of time in other countries, I sympathize with bl4xb0x's aggravation, though.

I suspect we can discount any "bunny" obstacles for now....
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