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Yea, my 1st PS2, which was the bulky one, started dying on me like 2 years ago. It would always load up games so freaking slow. I mean it would stay in the browser menu, saying "reading disc" for like 6mins before it would finally boot it up. But lucky for me I one big in a poker game, and was able to buy the new slim version. I just gave the 1st one to my god brother, and was like, "enjoy". :P

My First Xbox kept trying to die on me, aswell. I ended up having to change the DVD drive in it, 2 times, before it started acting right.

I member back when I had a PS1, and I finally got my PS2. I took apart my PS1 and took apart my Sega Saturn, and tried to combine them into one system, lol. I was serious too, had my soldering gun and everything. Connecting wires, boards, and what not. But it caught on fire on me, and I had to throw them both out.

Good times, I loved being Techy.
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