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Originally Posted by HimuraKiyone View Post
I want to say, firstly, that Psychnauts is an awesome game. Absolutely fabulous.
Secondly, I am playing Final Fantasy XII on my PS3 right now and it looks gorgeous. I have had no problems with it. I've tryed out several PS2 games even one that uses the eye toy and one that uses a microphone and I've experienced no loss of quality, jumps, freezes, hiccups, crashing, blue-screening, noise or pixelization. I didn't have a problem with the one PS1 game I popped in either, but it was only one game. You do realize that because there is a PS2 chip in the PS3, it's essentially like having a PS2 inside your PS3. There should be no difference.
what kind of hook up do you have to your TV? are you using the older Video composites like what the PS2 had, or are you using the HDMI?...

I saw that video on a blog and someone said that they contacted a sony rep who said that the HMDI might have those kind of effects... suppossedly, i guess that means the PS2 and PS1 games work just fine so long as you use video composite instead of the HDMI...

Luckily for me I stil have my PS2 and I don't plan to sell it . . .so . . . If I ever do get a PS3 then I won't have to worry about the probs . . . but still . . an expensive video game console that you pay 600+ just to set it up should not have problems as bad as that . . I'll wait
Ya, same here, even if i do get a PS3 i'm not sure it i could sell my PS2... it's a first generation PS2 and it still works perefectly to this day... a little bit of sentimental value if you will...

though if i do get rid of my PS2 ever, i will probably donate it or has treated me well, it deserves the best it can get ^^
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