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Not surprising in the least. The playstation 3 is over half a thousand dollars, and whatever titles it has now aren't even worth getting the system over. Nintendo's wiimote is a good gimmick that will keep people tagging on until they can release Smash Brawl, Xbox 360 I feel is meh from what I've seen, and for PS3, it looks like we're waiting another year until we see Lightning and FFXIII, which looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Every single final fantasy release that was the first on a new playstation was nothing short of amazing. VII is just well...holy shit, X was gorgeous and far more emotionally beautiful and gripping than VII could ever hope to be (ZOH NOEZ, AERISS! -_-...), and XIII is just OMGWTFBBQ WOW. The graphics are as far as I can tell the same that's in the FMV, and Lightning going diving through Yuna's wardrobe makes it all the better!
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