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Originally Posted by Cinocard View Post
On second thought, i think the pairing would be qutie impossible, at least till the very end. It's Mashima we are talking about, his manga never has any real romance in it.
Trust me, technicalities like those have never stopped the shippers before...
ya i didn't wanna say it cause i didn't want to start something, but i knew someone would be shipping GazzzilleXLevi after i read those first few pages... the smart girl and the bad boy; not to emntion how much it would rub under the skin of jet and D-roy... i always did think Levi was a cutie too...

Originally Posted by kayote View Post
i was kind of hoping for Luvia would get revenge for Grey. but, i doubt that will happen now.
Yes, it will be Lucy (by association) who will get revenge for Gray... and thus the "rivalry" of love continues
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