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Originally Posted by AtomicoX View Post
I just cannot get into their thinking.
You can't? It's quite simple, really.

Step 1) Flood congress with bullshit bills.
Step 2) Senate or Obama kills the bills.
Step 3) 2012 comes around, republicans claim democrats have 2/3rds of the law making process, and nothing got passed. Blame the lack of anything getting passed for the economy and unemployment rate.

Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Rape is considered a terrible crime, but to those opposing abortion, the crime of the mother (and father) does not transfer to the child, and thus they are unwilling to kill said child for something their parents did. (citing religious notions that every child is a gift from God usually) Or at least that's what I recall the argument being when we went round and round on this topic in high school.

I've generally decided it is something the Federal government shouldn't have a say in.
And then they refuse to put more funding into orphanages, meaning the child is screwed either way. They're either left with a mother who hates them because of what they're a constant reminder of, or they're left in a horribly underfunded orphanage.
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