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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Rape is considered a terrible crime, but to those opposing abortion, the crime of the mother (and father) does not transfer to the child, and thus they are unwilling to kill said child for something their parents did. (citing religious notions that every child is a gift from God usually) Or at least that's what I recall the argument being when we went round and round on this topic in high school.
But see, people who follow that principle through to the logical conclusion would ban all abortion regardless of circumstances. Which is something I'd object too, but I don't find the reasoning behind it ultra offensive in and off itself.

But this idiot is proposing abortion after a rape be illegal with an exemption only for forcible rape, which is based on a highly misogynistic conception of rape. In other words, the only compromise he was willing to make actually made his position way more offensive. I'm actually kind of in awe of how he was able to pull that off.

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