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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
Ore no Kanojo has an awesome setup... so much potential for amusing and interesting developments. Especially Masuzu is a joy to behold ^_^ (to answer an earlier question, she's the Kanade type, just even more devious and less "benevolent in the end").

At the moment I'm almost rooting for the (simple-minded) osananajimi to throw Masuzu off her game. After all, she has still to develop any romantic interest for the guy. That should be interesting to watch. Too bad it's only monthly.
Hmm. Looks like I REALLY should bump that thread (Ore no Kanojo ga Shuraba sugiru has a thread you know, guys.) and post my thoughts there.

So back to Mayo Chiki... hmm, can't really say much, but seems like the sequence of events is making me feel want to laugh at Kanade for some reason. A taunting one to be exact, or "laughing over someone's suffering" kind of laugh.
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