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Over the years how many rumors have burst out about classic anime or manga and so on having a new start. Most the time it failed in flames or was extremly bad. Don't get me wrong though, I would love an actual ending to the series. Even when I watched the movie The End Of Evangelion I was lost, and that doesn't happen, ever. Besides, this isn't the first Eva rumor of this kind to start. The stuff they have launched of late to boost Evangelion really hit low. So even if by some strange chance they do make a FINAL movie to try and explain more, chances are it won't do well.

I say this based on one question, who can really explain what happend at all? Everyone dedicated enough to see it all (including the movies)will most likely have their own theory and will be disapointed when it's something different. Lastly, I may be wrong on the location but I believe in the commentary on the second movie it said that the man who created Evangelion would never do so again because he was so pissed off at the crowd. That's also why he put in the death threats that lots of people sent him for making the first movie and the ending so bad (or nonunderstnandable, take your pick). If you watch closely near the end you can actually see them fly past with other things, although they aren't in english so I don't know what they say exactly.
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