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Some people don't realize the clear separation between anime and visual novel. No, not every scene you liked will be included in the anime and no that doesn't mean the anime will be bad because of it. No adaptation is perfect but perfection isn't exactly what's needed to be the best.

An anime can only stuff in so much, but for what they stuff in, they can polish greatly. Some people think Index II is better because it followed the novels in tiptop shape but in my opinion, sticking so closely to those novels really hurted Index II in some parts (the whole Dahaisesai thing). Anime should have the liberty to change things for the better (but not in a way that it'll bastardize the entire thing) and for a story to become more free flowing.

My point is that some people in this thread can get really annoying. Not everyone thinks VN adaptations are terrible and to those that always say "the VN is better; the anime is crap" can go fall on a cliff. There was even a point in this thread where one guy prof fessed that CLANNAD should be omnibus to follow everything in the VN. Holy smokes are you guys retarded (well this is coming from someone hating the whole omnibus format in anime form because it totally ruins a story's heart.)?

Little Busters will be fine if you just let go of some of your high expectations, and let it accept what it is when it comes. After all if the story is as good as you people say then no matter how much the guys ruin it, some sparks of brilliance will truly shine. Trust on the material is all I can say.
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