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Originally Posted by zeniselv View Post
we speak out of experience, jc staff has screwed things in the past and so far thats the reputation they have given themselves, but you shouldnt be calling people retard for prefering one format or the other even if i agree with you, because then anyone could call you the same for saying jc staff to have creative freedom, after the wonders that did to past series, also i think i havent seen another person having problems with the season 2 of index for following close the LN, most people that had a problem with it was for its chaos;head/akikan like quality of animation.
Based on experience, JC Staff's only VN adaptation is Tsukihime and that was a decade ago. Screwing an adaptation depends on how you see it. True Tears butchered its VN to the point where the entire story is changed and you don't see anyone complaining. While JC Staff really has done terrible adaptations, they do have their fair share of good ones. Then again the main staff for the good ones are amazing people (Keiichi Kasai, Nagai Tatsuyuki) and the ones for LB really does look dreary. Still, you gotta cut some slack when you've barely seen anything (No real trailer, no nothing).
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