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Weekly Russian Q&A - January 28, 2013

28.1.2013 (special) - Interview with Evily, the head of Russian community department (if I understood correctly, can't find the guy)
Some highlights:
- There will be more events of the type the Chinese have now ("top 100 experience"), in the future there will be XP tables too
- this year, the Global Wargaming League tournament is coming, it will be a mass event, it will run in seasons and the prizes will be in gold
- 10 new maps planned for 2013, part of them will be "Asian-style", part will be "city-style" la Himmelsdorf, Stalingrad is possible (Storm adds: 11, not 10)
- one more medium branch for the US confirmed
- Japanese tanks don't have priority atm, so that's until the end of the year
- Japanese hightier tanks are "rolling coastal defense fortresses", they had tanks planned with 150mm, 200mm, 280mm gun
- there will be hightier premium meds for all nations
- national voiceovers are planned
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