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I finally caught up with all the chapters finally.

I really like how the teams for the workshop battle is shaping up.

Team Koon/Wangnan - probably going to be the sneaky team for the match. They have Koon which meant automatic sneaky tactics are to be expected. The advantage of this team is info, they know how Team Season 1 and Team Fug partially tick.

Team Season 1 - I have a feeling that this is a powerhouse team. I don't know if they will hunt down Viole for killing Koon though. The last chapter certainly gave the impression but shouldn't Koon have told Leeslo by now that he is alive?

Team Fug - the overpowered team. Really. They should be able to stomp other E-class regulars. Still, one weakness of the team is motivation as well as cooperation. Half of the team can mutiny against the other half at any given moment.
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