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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Okay, apart from the "I decided I hated this movie before it came out. I formulated reasons why I hated it. Those reasons didn't wash, so I then created NEW reasons why I hated this movie... still BEFORE I watched it," here's what I took from your review...

Dude, check the Amazon "one-star" reviews for "The End of Evangelion."

Everything you complained about in this movie is there, from characters regressing, to raising questions with no answers. Seriously, I could do a point-by-point match-up from your review to their reviews of EoE.
Nope, don't see it. First of all, I never complained about characters regressing. Second, the questions I had were about Anno's intentions in Rebuild. I never was left out of the loop in EoE.

Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Also: I don't really understand all this "ANNO IS ONLY IN IT FOR MONEY" BS.

First, how much money is there to be made in anime these days, with people like Reckoner never buying a single thing off of Rebuild, but still saying it's a cash-grab...?

Second, tell me what's easier money... simply redoing a story one has already told, or throwing out that story and PAYING PEOPLE REAL MONEY to create a new story?
This much:

Evangelion Shin Gekijouban Q EVANGELION:3.33 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. (Movie) 143,905+347,049=490,954 (Gainax/FUNimation)
2013/04/24 143,905
2013/04/24 347,049

Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Third, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Tokyo seems to have a One-Piece T-shirt. Sunrise (AKA Bandai) creates new Gundams faster (it seems) than the population of Japan is growing. And yet, no one gets on their cases for merchandising. Nor do they get on Pokemon's case. But Eva... yeah, that series that had a 26-episode series in 1995-96, two movies in '97, and some remakes starting in 2007... THAT'S where we all draw the line. It's all about the MONEY!! Unlike One-Piece, or Gundam, or Pokemon, where it's all about ART... Am I right about that?
Big time shonen shows, gundam, and even pokemon get railed against all the time for this, so no idea what you're talking about.
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