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But how would she have discovered that? Surely Gensawajo are the only people who would be in a position to tell her, so if they don't want her to know, she shouldn't ever get the knowledge. The only other person who knows about it should be Natsuhi, and it's hard to imagine that she would say anything about it, considering that it was a huge secret and she didn't seem to like either Shannon or Kanon that much.
Shannon was pretty close to Natsuhi (in some semblance or fashion, at least), enough that Natsuhi told her some things she never told anybody else. And if Natsuhi's diaries exist as ep5 suggests they do, who's to say Yasu didn't take advantage of her closeness to Natsuhi to read them at some point? I mean she probably didn't get permission, but it wouldn't have been unusual for her to be in Natsuhi's room and we know she at least has enough access to hide stuff all over the place per ep5.

A better question is why, even if we assume everything is true, anyone ever told her in the first place? Like try to envision for yourself a scenario in which Genji or Nanjo feel compelled to even bring this up. Why? Why would you do that? It only seems rational in response to Yasu confronting them about something, be it her perception of her own body or some knowledge she's learned from Natsuhi or Kumasawa or somebody which calls into question what Genji and Nanjo are up to. At that point why would you give that particular story? If they're telling the truth that's unbelievably cold, and if they're making up a lie it's an absurd one. "You were born like that" isn't good enough for them?

If she was just like "Hey, something about my body doesn't seem normal, do you know why?" I can think of plenty of nicer lies that will get her to stop asking than "Yeah you were originally Kinzo's male son with his own daughter but Natsuhi pushed you off a cliff and Nanjo had to castrate you because of the injury and then we introduced you to an orphanage as a girl and brought you back here to work for a decade in and around the environment where your rapist dad lives. Our bad."
Also, this doesn't seem to be a full-on sex change operation we're talking about here. Actually, I imagine it probably basically just amounted to a castration, done out of necessity because of the irreparable genital damage. I'm pretty sure that there are actual cases of boys being accidentally castrated at a young age and subsequently raised as girls.
I'm not sure I trust Nanjo to even know what constitutes irreparable genital damage, let alone do anything whatsoever involving a scalpel and a small child. Genji must've seriously been off his meds to permit that.
You are both right that Genji's plan is pretty screwed up and nonsensical regardless, though. But it's not like Yasu not really being the baby makes that any less the case, so by Occam's Razor it seems better to just assume that she is.
"We can't know something that might be false is true, so we should just assume it's true" is fairly poor logic. It makes sense from a writer standpoint (especially considering the writer) and I think it's probably something he didn't intend for us to doubt, but if he wanted to eliminate this possibility he shouldn't have left so many obvious holes in Yasu's own self-knowledge or provided better insight into what Genji was thinking.
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