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Originally Posted by Jiyuu View Post
that really helped!

are there any places that have info about those kinds of things?
i was really wandering about that..
tried to search google and all that and couldn't find any...
Keep in mind Anime "conventions" in Japan are VERY different than in the US. I wouldn't even use the word convention, as "market" or "fair" is generally more appropriate.

Almost all of them are doujinshi events, where a bunch of doujinshi groups (anywhere from 50 to like, 1000s) come and set up tables to sell their books/goods, etc. Depending on the size of the fair, there might be some retailers, too, or a separate industry section. Most also have cosplay areas set up for cosplayers to pose and have fun. I've also seen events like raffles and stamp rallys that I guess are designed to encourage people to take a look at all the different tables.

Although admission is very cheap, normally the price of the catalog as mentioned above.

Oh, and maybe this goes without saying, but pretty much all of them have 18+ adult content. I've been to ones where that content was clearly marked in a separate section, but at most it's mixed up with the non-adult stuff, so it's generally not a place to bring young children unless you don't care about them reading doujin porn .

Also, if you want to cosplay yourself at these conventions, DO NOT wear your costume on your way there. If you do they will not even admit you to the event. You normally have to pay an extra fee when you enter for cosplay (some bigger events require pre-registration, too), and they provide changing rooms for you to change.

It's really a very different sort of thing than a US convention. It's not about seeing guests (there usually aren't any) or hearing announcements (there aren't any), or dances (nope), or panels (none). It's basically a giant artists alley and cosplay area, and that's it. People tend to show up, look around at the new doujin, buy what they want and then leave.
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