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Originally Posted by Jiyuu View Post
btw i've been wondering,
i know it take hours to enter comiket how is it with conventions like the ones you gave me here?
That entirely depends on how big the convention is. I'd say that apart from Comiket you shouldn't worry about the wait... Even comiket doesn't take hours to get in if you don't try and show up in the morning.
If you are content to show up around noon, the line is mostly gone by then and you can walk right on inside. Of course, by then, all the big groups have sold out of their new books and all the limited edition merchandise from the industry booths is gone for the day... I had to get my Hatsune Miku Muffler Towel, DAMMIT... ahem...
The only reason to wait in line at Comiket is to have the true "experience" or to position yourself for a carefully orchestrated table rush plan designed to get onesself the most number of "shinkan"s as possible. Generally this is impossible to hit every group you'd want to since each circle also often has a long line, therefore the only true way to defeat comiket is to go in with a large raiding party, making sure to coordinate before hand, split up into the two different queues for the east and west halls, where every member of the party knows their role before hand. Truthfully, comiket is a lot like world of warcraft except it smells a lot more.

Anyway, outside of comiket don't worry about the lines. Even Tokyo anime Fair didn't have a particularly long line, it was only about a 30 minute wait (not even a wait so much as a walk ).
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