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Originally Posted by Quarkboy View Post
Anyway, outside of comiket don't worry about the lines. Even Tokyo anime Fair didn't have a particularly long line, it was only about a 30 minute wait (not even a wait so much as a walk ).
but there was this video a japanese(i think) guy uploaded to youtube, and it looked aloooooooooooooooooooooooooot longer then 30 minutes.. it seemed more like a 10 hours line #_#

anyway, I don't know..
i mean i'm not particularly waiting for any doujins XD
so on one hand i don't -really- have a reason to come early and raid the boothes,
on the other hand it kinda kills the point if i'm not planning to buy any doujins..
so i'm kinda split.
if this was a 2 days con then i would have had gone at noon during the first day, and then after i'd already have an idea of what(if at all) kind of doujins i want to but and then go early the next day..

but it seems i got it backwards the big con is first and the small con is second XDD

you mentioned limited edition merchandise from industry booths
should i expect any of those in one of the two cons mentioned here?
while i don't know whether or not i'll like doujins i'm pretty sure merchandise(and limited edition at that ) will be relevant to me at least in some way...

oh and one more thing,
assuming that i'm not really interested in the H (or at least things which are more H then story etc.) is there any way for me to know where i should look first?
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