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Originally Posted by mitsuganae View Post
I'm soooo not clicking on that spoiler -- I can only assume it's the same *thing* (whatever it is) that okazu mentions (while discussing Twinkle, Twinkle Twirl) that "changes nothing" but is nevertheless a big *thing*.
Yeah, that would be it. Proceed at your own peril. I present you with the History Eraser Button. Now it's up to you not to touch the beautiful, shiny, candy-like button.

As for my knowledge of the series, meh, it's not that great. (Compared to the average Japanese reader, anyway.) My Japanese is just good enough that I can read the books with some difficulty. A few years back, I was pretty much in the same boat you were in. (Except that I had 4-5 semesters of Japanese in my background.) I've been studying the language in my spare time, and I've got some ability with it, but it's still tricky to read the books and get it all right. I still make a lot of mistakes, but the stuff in the spoiler tags is for the most part accurate enough.

I'm sure someone with better language chops could tear it all to shreds if they wanted to bother with it... but I find that most of those people don't want to bother with telling you this sort of stuff, so I'm doing it as a favor to folks who were always left kind of twisting in the wind, wondering all about this stuff, just kind of living off of crumbs.

A lot of my motivation for learning Japanese was in wanting to master the language. A side benefit was not having to be at the mercy of other people to translate stuff I want to read/watch/listen to. I have to admit I got tired of waiting for other people to tell me stuff I could figure out if I just dropped the doughnut and studied some more.

I have to say this, too. I'm not a big yuri fan. I'm not even a big fan of series like this. I just happen to really like this particular series, because I like the way Konno Oyuki writes, and I like the characters she creates. It's really not the sort of thing I'd usually read. It's actually very odd when I think about it, but there you go.

As for other sources, no, not really. Ziggr did a really good translation of the first book, and that's about it. Google it.

Otherwise, I recommend and just start from there.
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