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It's also very disturbing, the idea that Beatrice 2 is younger then Rudolph yet he had incest with her or whatever.

Seriously, Kinzo is becoming a hole we can shove all the wrongs in the serie to.

... I'm more comfortable with the idea that Beato 1 either never existed (cause I think that submarine story makes Kinzo into a worthless jerk instead of a genius of timing) at this point.

Guy hates his life, hates being the head of the Ushiromiya and hates his wedding.
Then he still has 3 child.
He hates life enough he joins the army to get killed.
He also hates every women.
Instead he falls in love with a Submarine, an italian girl (even tho she's a women) and 10 tons of faded away marked gold.
She dies giving birth to a child, younger then his own children.
The daughter he supposedly loves of the women he supposedly loved (while hating everyone else, especially women) he forces to live in seclusion and keeps her more ignorant then an average elementary school student.
Somehow around the same time he has another daughter he hates from his wife he hates from his family he hates. He doesn't put her however through half the shit he put Beato-2.
While that happens he start to loan tons of money to his children, accept their husband/wife in the family (even allows Eva to keep her name for his love of Hideyoshi, whom he nontheless supposedly hate as he hates everyone)
He even apparently forces them to chose specific names, all western of course. He loves the west. He hates his family. 1 -1 =/= 2.
He even gets very upset at Rosa not naming Maria the way he wanted her to be named.
He hardcore incest/rape Beato-2, however she somehow magicallly remains innocent of the world. Even after giving birth. She then dies after of innocence overdose.
While he thouht it would be a good idea to keep Beato-2 secretly raised in Kuwadorian forever, he decided to make her own child be adopted by Krauss/Natsuhi. It doesn't work well and the child apparently dies. HE FINDS IT FUNNY.
He realizes somehow the child is still alive (after going through the same fate as her mother, but somehow miraculously surviving it) and sends it to an orphanage.
He eventually hires her to work under a false name and let her, whom he supposedly love, be abused by the rest of the family, including Natsuhi/Krauss who he supposedly hate.
He even makes her go through the troubles of doing two shifts at once by the sake of Kanon, cause Kinzo loves more men (not sexually... well as far as we know at least).
He makes her somehow his successor, HOWEVER, he also puts up the epitaph, to give the rest of the family, people he all hate and despise, a chance to become the successor.
Then he plans to bomb everyone on the island with a nuke after his own death.

Several of his close friends is aware of most to all of that and they don't mind, and continue to respect him and consider him a truly inteligent person.

So what's Kinzo in the end? A psychopath who spontaneously contradicts his own self every few mins? Who suffers froms tons of sins, including some which didn't even bring him anything, and often where he still in the end treat the people he's supposed to hate better then the ones he's supposed to love.

Either Umineko is the most far fetched ridiculously story ever, or this is all false informations.
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