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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Say, Leon is supposed to be in the parlor. Does Battler ever enter the parlor during his ep4 search for all the bodies? Just a wacky out-there thought...
Ok, I just doublechecked it to be sure. Here is the full list of locations Battler lists as having visited during Ep4 party, in no particular order:
  • Guesthouse is presumed, since that's where Battler starts from.
  • Most mansion corridors and the entry hall are implied as you need to go through those to get anywhere. Entry hall is mentioned explicitly.
  • Kitchen.
  • Outside of chapel (but not inside).
  • Garden shed.
  • Arbor in the rose garden (background is of the wooden one).
  • Dining hall.
  • Jessica's room.
  • A guestroom with Kyrie corpse in it.
  • Well behind the mansion.
  • Boiler room.
Parlor is not on the list.
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