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Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Because we already have several threads about this, I decided to merge this new topic with a pretty similar one from a while back.

Always use the search fuction before creating new threads folks.
Hey Daniel, sorry, I searched for "interviews" and nothing came up. Didn't think of searching more broad like job hunting.

So.. I just finished my marathon of interviews, it was completely exhausting and draining.. Although each candidate only had 6 interviews this time, not 8-10. I had to interview 8 people and then get in the room with my colleagues and debated them.

Including first round applicants, there were probably 200+ applicants applying for 4 positions.. This final round was down to 16 competing for those 4 slots.. I feel absolutely exhausted, it's inhumane.. Both to them and me!

So catching up here:
I don't ask the 5-year plan question, especially for temporary positions, but for entry-level career track interviews, it definitely comes up often. The best answer for those is:
1) admit that realistically life is full of uncertainties, but you have thought about it
2) talk about what the job will offer you with regards to experiences and career development
3) if the conversation is casual, you can always crack a joke here about a promotion, or "Sitting in your seat would be nice"
4) reiterate how serious you are about your interest in the position and take it as another opportunity to sell yourself
5) I've seen one gutsy guy go as far as, during the final "do you have any questions for me?" sequence, turn it around and say "interviews go both ways, so where can this firm take me in 5 years?"

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