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When I'm creating characters for an mmo, I'll go to the 'baby name' lists for various cultures and check their meaning as well as their sound. Then I'll try to tie their personality to their name (or invert it for humor, like naming a skunk "Flower")

Since your setting are all Japanese, just hit the baby name charts and start browsing. Since your women are taller and more muscular than average, names that symbolize delicacy or smallness would be amusing

Example from my story -
Glycerin is named for a slippery substance that is hard to characterize or describe.
Kpau was named for her personality and presence (its a Cambodian/Khmer family name) "Kapow"

I'll often name assassins "Sashiko" (little stabs/cuts) or a storm/lightning mage "Arashiko" or "Raiko"
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