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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
I think a male manager is okay. I want to say I've seen an anime where a female was manager for a team and I'll assume the reverse isn't out of the question. googling wasn't very enlightening but data search is an art form
But wouldn't that make this male character look weak? Sure, I can give him backbone later in the story, but first impressions last, remember?

And by the way:

1. How do traps and reverse traps sound like? I have at least one character from the hero team who I can turn into a reverse trap if the plot requires it.
2. Anyone keen on a "Samurai vs Ninja" sort of rivalry? I have a "Samurai" character from the hero team (#9, who of course, is also a kendo practitioner), then the opposing team would have a "Ninja" character with them.
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