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So I'm about to start writing the first game of the story. It's what I call a "formal streetball", but I want to use some of its elements in the later games.

Now, if I try to write too realistically, readers might get bored and would compare my stuff to something like Kuroko no Basket, which didn't have much love from me in particular because of its Prince of Tennis-level over the top moves (100% accurate halfcourt jump shots is the worst offender in my book, but some of Kuroko's passes get a pass from me because NBA players do those on a consistent basis).

But then, it occured to me that only four women in basketball history were able to pull off a slam dunk, something that is seen very often in men's basketball. This is one reason why some people find women's basketball boring (sexism aside).

If I wanted to put some KnB-level talent in my writing project to make things more intense however, I would consider creating a female player character who can dunk on a consistent basis, even though not as consistent as a male player. Science states that women experience 4x-8x higher tension in the knees than the men when jumping, so making the landing so often would wear the female players out much faster than just simply settling for jump shots and lay-ups, and injuries would be more likely.

So what is your take on this? How do I make my games interesting? Should I go for the over-the-top moves like KnB or should I go for the character development route like in RKB? Or should I do both?
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