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Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
Welcome to Umineko, where we literally have no facts.

It sucks, huh?
Well you know, whenever I have the option I simply stick to what is apparent, and I don't dismiss as lie what it doesn't conflict with any other statement or fact in the story.
But I guess it's just me.
I've never come up with a theory without basis in the many years that I've been here. At best you can say that I based my theories on facts that I didn't know whether they were true or not, but that's still something.

This is more like "welcome to the Umineko community" rather than "welcome to Umineko".

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
No. You don't grasp the breadth of it.

Normally we can take things as they are presented in a movie or novel at face value and treat them as something true outside of logic: In other words, we can treat what we are shown as "self-attesting" truth. In Umineko there is so much unresolved unreliable narration that we can't do that. We have no self-attesting truths, so the foundation of any argument made about Umineko must start with an assumption. It's basically the brain in a vat scenario.
As I said you don't understand at all what circular logic means. Making assumptions is not circular logic.

And there is absolutely no justification whatsoever in using logical fallacies, no matter the situation. Even if hypothetically you were to be brought to a point where you need to use a logical fallacy (even if I can't even think about such a case) it would be better to just give up any attempt to reach an explanation, because a logical fallacy can only bring to a wrong reasoning by definition.

The hell... I don't even know why am I arguing against someone who claims to reason out of logic and making use of logical fallacies. In the end we can agree that your reasonings are devoid of any valid logic.

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