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Originally Posted by M.I.P. View Post
Did I say they can't fend for themselves? They've been left in charge of seemingly the biggest martial arts school in China, money isn't something I reckon they'll ever lack. I'm talking about their emotional needs. Can kids get by with one parent certainly they can and they can come out perfectly alright if not better for it but this doesn't make the absentee parent any less of a deadbeat mom/dad. The fact Renka came to Japan shows how much they require his presence not as a provider but as a parent.
If you're talking about emotionally scarred, I never had the impression Renka emotionally missed him rather that she was pissed that he ignored his responsibilities.

And imo a man should live how he wants to live anyway. We hardly know anything about Kensei's family circumstances. And imo Kensei is at Ryozonpaku to fight Yomi which makes him a noble warrior of justice! Don't be so fast to judge since we still haven't had a story of how he winded up at Ryozonpaku.

Originally Posted by M.I.P. View Post
A lot of people are calling Dragon a jerk for leaving his kids but at least he had a better reason than Kensei
Tbh both their reasons seem similar, to fight the big bad of their world. Dragon => WG, Kensei => Yomi. But in both cases we have hardly any details.
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