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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
According to Wikipedia, about ten percent of all marriages worldwide are between cousins (first or second), and through the full course of human history, perhaps 80 percent of all marriages have been between cousins.
Besides, Erio and Makoto are cross-cousins and Iroquois kinship is very very common and heck, even compulsory in certain traditions.
@mysterious: Actually, he is more down to earth because he didn't accept the girl's panties and the hot invitation from his aunt. So the aside part of your argument is unnecessary. No matter how conveniently everyone here claims they would spring at the first opportunity to score their hot aunt or accept a present of panties from their hot cousin, it is an entirely different thing to do so. Makoto is perverted and he knows it himself. He sniffs the pillow his aunt momentarily used as soon as she is out of sight. But you know, being perverted is one thing, being shameless is another.
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