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Erm... This show already is 1 cour(12 episode)
I thinks its due to the director's previous comment about making an Achiga-hen S2. Now, we know its not gonna happen... I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

1. Kiyosumi High School (Nagano), 715 votes
2. Himematsu High School (South Osaka), 573
3. Senriyama Girls' High School (North Osaka), 558
4. Ryuumonbuchi High School (Nagano), 542
5. Kazekoshi Girls' High School (Nagano), 519
6. Shiraitodai High School (West Tokyo), 416
7. Tsuruga Academy (Nagano), 413
8. Miyamori Girls' High School (Iwate), 411
9. Achiga Girls' Academy (Nara), 357
10. Eisui Girls' High School (Kagoshima), 214
11. Kentani High School (Hyogo), 180
12. Shindouji Girls' High School (Fukuoka), 160
13. Koshigaya Girls' High School (Saitama), 68
14. Rinkai Girls' High School (East Tokyo), 41

Nice ranking... Of course, I expect Kiyosumi to be number 1 even now their my favorite team ever. But, Himematsu is unexpected considering their team isn't even animated yet. They and Miyamori is a nice team though if one has read the Saki manga which I assume most poll voters did.

I think Senriyama's position is deserved. It might be just 5 episodes but its the most recent 5 episodes which would help pull up their popularity. Besides, Ryouka x Toki's dynamic is really good. In fact, I'm probably rooting for Senriyama over Achiga on the semi final match on the sole basis of Senriyama having Toki and Ryouka.
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