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That's another thing too. It was ordered to put it on the Lancelot. He basically had two options, do what he's told and be able to join the battle, or refuse probably see himself replaced as Lancelot's pilot. As a Knight of Round Suzaku has a lot of clout, but he isn't allowed to act with impunity, he still has to follow his immediate commanders orders and frankly it being Suzaku, he would listen anyway if he wasn't a Knight of Round.
The airplane was pointing away from the explosion/implosion and the strip was on the very edge of that crater. Sayoko could have hit the takeoff switch and the plane could have jetted off.

I think we see Tamaki get into a chair in the preview. For all we know he crashes next to the plane and tries to pilot Nunnally and Sayoko back.

Lelouch is going all nuts and then all of a sudden the big idiot shows up with his sister and he's like "what's up."

He seems to be happy. Maybe he thinks he is going to ger promoted for "capturing" the governor.


Milly: the fighting was going on all over the city. Only a chuck of it was blown up. I say she gets out fine or maybe Rivalz shows up and she gets on his bike. Meh. No reason to think she's dead.

Nunnally: several ways she can get out of it. VV could teleport, I think. Charles took his code. Maybe he can warp, also. At least, I thought VV could port. Romeyer or Sayoko could have hit the catapult launcher and that plane could have barely escaped. Tamaki seems happy in the preview. Maybe he finds them. Why else would he be happy?

Kallen crying: Nunnally.

I say the next episodes ends with a huge revelation about Anya.
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