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Depends on whether or not the dub is bearable to listen to. If effort is put into the voice acting and the voices mesh well with the characters' personalities, then I have absolutely no problem with it. A good example is Azumanga Daioh. I have only watched the English dub and I thought the voices suited the characters very well....except maybe Osaka. xD;

If the dub voice acting is intolerable to listen to then I try to find a subbed version, no matter what the quality of the subs are. If only a dub version can be found though and subs are ENTIRELY unavailable I suck it up and watch the dubbed version.

I don't mind watching subs either though. Don't have much of a choice when it comes to newly airing series no? I've watched more subs than dubs anyway.

All-in-all, if a dub has effort and works well, then I'll watch it.
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